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Precision Gutters LTD. located in Surrey BC and has been providing installation services throughout the lower mainland since 1989. We often travel to other parts of BC and Vancouver Island for specialty work.

Precision Gutters and Exteriors has installed gutters and siding products to many building types from sheds to high rise apartment buildings and institutions, with our focus on residential homes. We tackle difficult installations and can provide solutions to most any challenge.

We service what we install and offer the best industry warranty on workmanship lasting 5 years. We only choose the best materials to work with and offer the maximum warranty offered by the manufacturer.

At Precision, safety is a priority. Our inhouse training and strict safety protocols are backed with our certificate of insurance and full Workers Compensation coverage.

Crew size for any job depends on the size and scope of work. A typical siding job may have between two and four workers although more crew may be used for specific tasks. In some cases where additional work such as electrical or specialty roofing is called for, we organize and manage subcontractors often used on projects.

Cleaning frequency and method will be determined by the environment and siding type. Buildings located near an industrial area, construction sites or sea-side regions may need more cleaning cycles. Power washing any siding is not recommended due to high water pressures which can damage the coating, force water into the structure and potentially harm underlying membranes. Most products should be washed by hand or soft brush with a mild dishwasher soap and rinsed with low pressure hose down the wall. Always check with product manufacturer for best results.

Our experience with materials includes metal cladding, vinyl siding and composite materials such as Hardy Board and a host of others. Ever changing building codes and variations in product development require constant learning and training of crews. Details determine a good installation and we pride ourselves in the level of detail applied to wall penetrations, woodworking skills and flashing work. Our in-house sheet metal shop produces custom flashings essential for a functioning building envelope, and our experienced gutter installers complete the overall protection of your home from the elements.

As with most products, the various siding choices are based on price and appeal. A good vinyl product can last over thirty years with little more than an occasional wash, whereas a wood product requires more maintenance but does provide a more natural look. Many composites such as fiber board and cement cladding can give the look of wood with less maintenance and is often painted to suite the homeowner. We see more metal products available now simulating the look of wood and can add a low maintenance accent to the home.

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